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Exercice - Malala Yousafzai


Read the article and answer the following questions. 


Malala Yousafzai visits hometown for first time since Taliban shooting 

Nobel peace prize laureate visited Pakistani town of Mingora, where she was shot by militants in 2012.

Malala Yousafzai has visited her hometown Mingora for the first time since she was shot on a school bus by a Taliban militant in 2012. The visit to Mingora was not officially scheduled but had been expected after security in the area was noticeably beefed up in recent days. Roads into the town were also blocked off early Saturday morning. Yousafzai, 20, was already a prominent advocate for girls’ education in October 2012 when a Taliban gunman boarded her school bus in Mingora, asked “Who is Malala?” and shot her, along with two others. All three survived, but a bullet grazed Yousafzai’s brain and lodged in her neck. She received emergency care at army hospitals in Pakistan band was flown to Birmingham for further treatment, including skull reconstruction.

On Friday, Yousafzai told Geo TV she would not have survived without the quick response of Pakistani army surgeons and that she planned to return to the country after finishing her education. She is a student at Oxford University and said on Friday that the other two victims, Shazia Ramzan and Kainat Riaz, had finished their schooling in Wales and were studying at Edinburgh University. Despite the danger, she continued her activism, blogging under a pseudonym for BBC Urdu and appearing in several videos for the New York Times before she was shot. Her attempted murder sparked a wave of revulsion in Pakistan and she said returning to the country on Thursday had been the happiest day of her life. Her surprise visit to the country has been widely celebrated but it also attracted criticism from fundamentalists who view her as an agent of western influence. She told Pakistani media that the majority of Pakistanis supported her activism. “Those who do criticise have an absurd kind of criticism that doesn’t make any sense,” she said in an interview with The News outlet. “What I want is people support my purpose of education and think about the daughters of Pakistan who need an education,” she said. “Don’t think about me. I don’t want any favour or I don’t want everyone to accept me. All I care about is that they accept education as an issue.”

Rather than silencing Yousafzai, the shooting turned her into a global icon for girls’ education. In 2014 she was awarded the Nobel peace prize, making her the youngest laureate in history. Her charity, the Malala Fund, has invested $6m (£4.2m) in schoolbooks and uniforms.

The  Guardian, March 31th, 2018

  • Question 1

    Who is Malala and could she be defined as a “hero”?

  • Question 2

    How could you reformulate the following sentence: “Her attempted murder sparked a wave of revulsion in Pakistan and she said returning to the country on Thursday had been the happiest day of her life”? 

  • Question 3

    Find a synonym for “Talibans” in the article.

  • Question 4

    According to you, do the “living heroes” exist?  

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