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Exercice - Present simple or present be + ING?


Conjuguer les verbes au present simple ou au present be + ING selon ce qui convient. Les écrire au brouillon.

  • Question 1

    We (arrive) on the beach. The sand (be) very hot and the sun (shine). There (be) a lot of people here. The kids (swim) and the parents (watch) them. I (like) to come here and listen to the sound of the waves. I (spend) my weeks working near another beach and I often (go) there during my breaks or for lunch. Today I (spend) my day with my family and they (be) happy to enjoy the sea. My little cousins already (run) to the water.

  • Question 2

    Jane (jump) on the boat. She (be) very happy to have this trip to see whales. She currently (read) a lot of books about sea creatures and especially about whales. She (sit) on the bench quietly but (scream) of excitement inside. The boat (leave) the harbour and (sail) slowly towards the sea. Jane (wonder) how many whales she might see today. As the instructor (explain) that the passengers must not scream, Jane already (watch) the depths of the sea to be the first who (see) the biggest fish on earth.

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