Seconde > Anglais > Grammaire > Stage - Adjectifs en -ed et -ing ; much/many ; both/neither/either

Exercice - Many, much, a lot of


Recopier les phrases et compléter avec : many, much, a lot of.

  • Question 1

    ... apples fall from this tree.

    We don't have many bananas, and we don't have ... fruit juice.

  • Question 2

    How ... is this ? It is ten dollars.

    How ... do you want ? Six please.

  • Question 3

    The organization or her timetable is very complicated as she’s very busy; she has ... of work.

    Estelle has ... rice, but David ... not have much.

  • Question 4

    London has ... of beautiful buildings. I visited ... European cities.

    Were there ... guests in the wedding?

  • Question 5

    Céline doesn't have ... friends.

    She hasn't got ... patience.

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