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Exercice - Exprimer la concession


Choisis la ou les bonne(s) réponse(s) parmi les conjonctions suivantes : although ; evenf if ; though, les prépositions suivantes : unlike ; contrary to et les adverbes suivants : nevertheless et however. 

  • Question 1

    (…) I’m very clumsy, I always enjoy preparing the dinner with my brother.

  • Question 2

    Maria plays basketball like nobody in her school (…) she’s very small.

  • Question 3

    James broke his phone during the walk. (…), we spent a wonderful afternoon together.

  • Question 4

    This dress is stunning. Its price is not that expensive (…). You should buy it without regret!

  • Question 5

    (…) my father, I don’t really like classical music.

  • Question 6

    Julie didn’t take enough time to prepare her exams like Emma did. (…) her, she had a bad result!

  • Question 7

    I can’t stop watching Netflix this afternoon… It’s a lack of efficiency! (…), I worked a lot this morning.     

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