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Exercice - L'argot


Rewrite the sentences, using these slang expressions: 

no biggy - shorty - turn up - to throw shade - totes - lit - extra - on fleek



Let's party!

Let's turn up!

  • Question 1

    That purse is awesome!


  • Question 2

    Stop being so negative!

  • Question 3

    That's my babe, right there.

  • Question 4

    Oh my god! That new Nicki Minaj song is great!

  • Question 5

    You cooked the whole meal yourself? Boy, you've done too much!

  • Question 6

    - Wanna come to the cinema tonight?

    - Yeah, sure!

  • Question 7

    - Sorry I couldn't come to your party.

    - Don't worry!

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